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How To Use Google Plus For Your Advantage

How To Use Google Plus For Your Advantage

Google Plus is not the most used social media platform. Nevertheless it plays an important part when you have a business and want to get free traffic from Google.

Like YouTube, Google Plus is owned by Google and therefore Google loves to see when you use their properties. The good thing is that Google Plus is free and you can use it in a great way for your marketing.


Here are some point how you can use Google Plus to leverage your marketing efforts.



When you want that your pictures is showing up in the search results, than you can easily create an avatar with Google Plus and connect it to your website or any page you promote where you are the author of the content


Building Relationship and Drive Traffic

Like in any social network you can easily build relationship with other people. In Google Plus, you can connect with people and add them to your circles. And when you share your messages on Google Plus, you can share it at the same time with all people in your circles and they see immediately what you have to say.

Another cool tool is Google hangout. You can set up hangouts with people within your circles and share information or whatever you want.

The more value you share with your circles, the more traffic you will get to your offers and your website.

As I mentioned above, Google Plus belongs to Google and therefor it’s an advantage when you share your blog post on Google Plus. Beside sharing on your profile you can also join different communities within your niche where you can share your content and drive traffic to your site.

Below I share with you an infographic from Quicksprout where you can discover the steps you need to take to leverage Google Plus for your marketing.


How to Use Google Plus for Marketing
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout


As you see in this infographic, there are many benefits in using this tool.

Overall Thoughts About Google Plus

When you are a marketer then you definitely have to leverage Google Plus. It will help you to drive more traffic to your page and therefore you make more money.

The only thing you have to consider is, that you play in the playground of Google and therefore you have to play according their rules. Otherwise you get banned from Google.

When you play within their rules, Google will help you to boost your business to the next level. If you haven’t started now with Google Plus, then it’s now time to use it. And you will see how your ranking will get better when you use  Google Plus.

Let me know what your experience is with Google Plus.

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