Better SEO | by Bruno Buergi

7 Essential Things to Check for Better SEO

In an online world that is so crowded, it’s imperative to give yourself the best chance to be seen by potential viewers. One great way to do this, which I’m sure we have all heard about, is search engine optimization, or SEO. There are several things you can do for better SEO If you want…

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Link Building

Link Building Techniques Every Website Owner Should Know

The process of building backlinks is one of the most important aspects of search engine optimization. It’s a contributing factor in search engine results. These links show search engines that your content is beneficial. Therefore it’s an essential part of an online business to know some basics about link building. There’s no shortage of link…

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SEO Optimized Page

The Structure Of A Perfect SEO Optimized Page

When you want to get traffic to your website from Google, then you need an SEO optimized page. Google is looking at over 200 factors for ranking a website.   In this blog post, you will find some of the most important things you can do on your blog post to have an SEO optimized…

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SEO Optimization To Enjoy Your Lifestyle

SEO Optimization Works While You Enjoy Life

SEO optimization has changed a lot over the last years. Nevertheless, it is something that works for you while you enjoy life. When you optimize your website and your campaigns, Google and the other search engines are driving traffic to your site 24 hours / seven days a week.   The same happened when I…

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Automation while we were hiking

Automation Makes Life Easier While You Enjoy The Laptop Lifestyle

Automation can make your life easier when you build your own online business. When you are a person like I am, who loves to do other things than only working, then you have to find ways to outsource things or using tools that do the work for you.   For example, over the last weekend,…

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Search Engine Optimization Working by Bruno Buergi

Is Search Engine Optimization Working Nowadays

Is Search Engine Optimization Working after all these Google animals updates? My answer is yes. When you have a blog or website, you still have to optimize them for the search engines. The reason is, the search engine must know what your website or blog post is about.   What changed over the last few…

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Social Monkee – One Way To Create High Quality Back Links

Social Monkee is a cool tool to built back links to your web pages. With Social Monkee you can submit your link to a variety of DoFollow sites from a huge network. It has also a variety of low and high PR sites. This gives you a good mix of back links. Do you still…

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Google Penguin 2.0 – Will It Hurts Your Ranking?

Google introduced Google Penguin 2.0 a couple of days ago to the public. Matt Cutts explained in an overview what we can expect in the next few months. Now what can we expect and what are the things we should be afraid of this Google Penguin 2.0. In this article I will tell you about…

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Better Search Engine Optimization Tips And Tricks

  Search engine optimization is something any company that desires to have a successful web presence needs to do right. Whether your website is selling yourself, your company or a product, you need it to work. This article has some great tips on how to make search engine optimization work for you.   Main Steps…

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Why Keyword Research Is Crucial To An SEO Project?

  Keyword Research is the basis for on-line success. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the optimization of a websites in order that it places greater in the SERPs (Search Engine Outcome Pages) for certain keywords or keyword phrases. The web pages that place higher normally gain the greater amount of online search engine traffic…

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Useful Advice For Anyone Interested In Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization Advice Search Engine Optimization is something most people are afraid of. Now that you have begun a website and you want to get visitors to your website, you are probably wondering what to do. You want to make your website appear in a search result. The following article is going to give…

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Win The Search Engine Arms Race With These SEO Tips

SEO Strategies to Win Some people think that merely getting a website is enough to gain attention and attract visitors. This is not true; a website is only the first step to success. What is the key? SEO, or search engine optimization. Optimizing your site attracts search engines and that leads to money in your…

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