Blogging From The Beach

Blogging From The Beach – The Laptop Lifestyle Of Working

Blogging from the beach can be a way of living and earning money. At the moment I’m near Conil de la Frontera  in Andalusia, Spain, and enjoy the beach life. At the same time, I build my online business and bring it to a new level.   When I worked full time in a job,…

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Which Social Media Should I Use

Which Social Media Should I Use For My Business

Which social media should I use to grow my business? Or should I use all major ones? Well, it depends on which niche you are in.   It’s not only how big the social media site is that makes a difference when you ask yourself which social media should I use. It depends on if…

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How To Make Money From Home

How To Make Money From Home For A Living

How to make money from home and start a new way of living starts with deciding what you want to do. There are many ways you can make money and work from home. Not all ways have the same income potential. In this blog post I focus on making money online.   How To Make…

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Content Creation Strategies

Content Creation Strategies That Will Attract More Visitors To Your Blog

What content creation strategies are working best to attract more visitors to your blog. Things have changed since the beginning of the internet, and it is changing all the time.   One thing that influenced the way your content will attract visitors is the use of mobile devices. Nowadays people use their mobile phone or…

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Viral Marketing

Viral Marketing And What We Can Learn From The Ice Bucket Challenge

Viral marketing is the dream of every marketer. At the moment, there is a viral marketing event going round the world: the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.   Like I do, you too are watching several video of your friends who are taking on the ALS ice bucket challenge. And the good thing is its for…

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Lead Generation Tips For Business

5 Lead Generation Tips To Grow Your List And Business

These lead generation tips will help you to grow your business. When you have an online business, lead generation is your life blood.   But it’s not only about how many leads you generate. It’s also about the quality of the leads, and in principle, the quality of the people you attract to your business.…

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Social Media Tips

Social Media Tips To Grow Your Business!

Social media belong to every marketing campaign for every business. Social media have grown enormous over the last few years, and it looks like it will grow even more. With these social media tips, I want to give you some guidelines to follow to grow your business.   Nevertheless, we want to make money with…

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Feed your Brain

Feed Your Mind With The Right Thoughts For Success

Feed your mind with positive thoughts, and it will help you to achieve what you want. On the other side, feed your mind with negative thoughts, and you do not have to wonder when you always are facing the crap in your life.   You maybe heard it several times:   „What you think most…

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How To Make Money

How To Make Money With Only A Laptop And Nothing More

How to make money and live from wherever you want. It’s a great concept and it’s doable. To achieve this way of life, you have to master some skills and are ready to the work over a longer time.   But what does it mean to make money with only a laptop? It means, that…

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Make Money From Home

Make Money From Home To Live The Dream You Want

Make money from home and live the dream life is a hot topic on many social media sites. There are so many ads out there, where they promise you to make money from home is the easiest thing in the world.   Is it really that easy to make money from home? I know many…

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Branding Your Business

Branding Your Business By Using 6 Proven Ways

Branding your business is online as important than a traditional brick and mortar business. The difference is the way you do it.   Like in the traditional business forms, you need to build a reputation. You have to find a way to present your business and find loyal customers. Only then, you make a living…

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Release Your Brakes by Bruno Buergi

Release Your Brakes And Focus On What You Want

Release your brakes when you want to achieve something new. For example, when you want to build an online business to earn some additional money or the start a new career, then you have to go of all the things that are holding you back.   „Everything you want is just outside your comfort zone“…

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Foundation Of List Building

Foundation Of List Building To Build A Successful Business

List building is probably one of the most important part when you want to earn money online. But what is list building exactly and how to profit from the list building. Here you learn the foundation of list building.   There are several parts you have to implement before you start to be effective with…

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Join The Six Figure Mentors

What Are The Benefits When You Join The Six Figure Mentors

Before you join a company to build your online business, you may ask what the benefits are. In this blog post I will share some of the benefits when you join the Six Figure Mentors.   And believe me, there are huge benefits when you join the Six Figure Mentors.   The First Step When…

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Desire by Bruno Buergi

Do You Have The Desire To Take Life In Your Own Hands?

Desire is the starting point of all achievement. This stated Napoleon Hill in the second chapter of his book „Think and Grow Rich“   Without desire, it’s almost not possible to achieve great things. It’s the foundation and when you have a strong desire, you have to go for it. Whatever it takes to achieve…

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